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every company have their own trademark registration. they are registering the company name and logos and other brand name business name etc.. if you register your company name your company name will safe as legal service. anyone can not take your company name without your permission. so trademark registration helps you to protect your business name,logo etc..
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Patent registration protect your own inventions. if you discovered any new tricks or new ideas that may be drop from your hand and others may be use your ideas or inventions. if you register your invention as patent registration.your invention wiill be safe with patent registration service. it's a legal service. alraqeem company will helps you to register your patent
copyright registration is protect the original work of auther. if you wrote any story from your own mind.u must be register that as a copyright role. becouse if do not register your story anyone can copy your story. if you register your story as copyright role.auther's story will protected.nobody can use that without auther's permission. websites,songs,stories,CDs,ima ges and all other type of files you can copyright registration with alraqeem company.